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two-way radio is a sound investment. However, not every occasion justifies the expense. Where it is a one-off event, such as an office function, purchasing multiple sets might prove financially completely unviable. For such occasions our radio hirefacilities are ideal. Our radio hire services are extremely popular and used across range of industries for various purposes.

Why go for hired sets?

Cost-effective: The foremost and biggest reason for hiring radios is the financial sense it makes. Why buy a radio when you are unlikely to use it again? Certain events require multiple sets, an unnecessary expense that can prove too costly. It is far better to hire the radio sets or additional sets. You can get the right comms system for your temporary needs without making a heavy financial outlay.

No maintenance: The hired sets do not require any additional maintenance on your part. Our equipment is kept in top condition and you will not face any nasty surprises. Unlike the sets that you own, our hired radios are our responsibility and so we will take all steps to ensure that you get only the very best.

No need for license: Many radios need licensing and so we have taken care of that. We carry a UK-wide license. Hence, we act as one-stop shop for all your needs.

Radio sets we offer:

We have an extensive stock of digital and analogue radios. We also keep an extensive range of base stations and accessories that can meet your any need:

  • Motorola DP3400
  • Motorola DP3600
  • Motorola GP340
  • Motorola GP380
  • Motorola SL4000
  • Motorola XTNi-XTNiD
  • Motorola CP040
  • Motorola GP344
  • Motorola DM3600-01
  • Kenwood TK3301
  • Vertex VX-350

Why hire from us?

  • We offer expert advice and have a vast experience in dealing with events, crowd control, construction sites, sport events and many more.
  • Once you place an order within the M25, we can deliver in less than a day’s notice.
  • We understand that your needs are unique and there is a perfect radio for you. In fact, we pride ourselves in our product placement and our customised solutions. Whether you need it for a day or an year, we have the set for you.
  • Our rates are extremely competitive. All our radio sets and accessories can be hired at very reasonable rates. The charges are fixed according to the hired time period.

With our extensive range of radios and accessories for hire, we also give our clients customised solutions that are very competently priced. To know more call us at 0845 020 4321







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